Watch the video below with youth, then use the questions below to have a mentoring conversation with them.

  1. What happened to Rihanna when she was dating Chris Brown?
  2. How many high school students nationwide experience physical abuse from a dating partner in a year? (1.5 million)
  3. How many weeks of counseling did Chris Brown have to go through after abusing Rihanna?  Do you think it changed him?  Why?
  4. What did Ray Rice do to his girlfriend?
  5. What happened to Ray Rice as a result?
  6. What are other ways that someone can abuse someone besides physical abuse?  (emotional, mentally, verbally)
  7. How can these other forms of abuse be just as bad as physical abuse?
  8. What do you need to do to prevent being an abuser in any form?
  9. If you do abuse someone, what could be the consequences for you?
  10. What are some do's and don'ts for showing respect to your dating partner?