Watch the video below with youth, then use the questions below to have a mentoring conversation with them.

  1. What happened to the Army veteran who spoke in the video?
  2. Did he get bitter about becoming a quadruple amputee?
  3. He said, “you can’t always control your situation, but you can always control your attitude.” He said that he always has a positive attitude.  Why?
  4.  This Army veteran had an attitude of gratitude. What was he thankful for without using the words "thankful" or "grateful"?
  5. Do you have an attitude of gratitude even when your life gets hard or things happen that you don’t like?
  6. What are situations that you don’t like or is challenging for you? 
  7. What do you need to think about to keep an attitude of gratitude in those difficult situations?
  8. Optional: Write a thank you note to someone to express your gratitude to them. (Consider writing a thank you note to a teacher who gives you a lot of work).