Watch the video below with youth, then use the questions below to have a mentoring conversation with them.

  1. According to the video, what are the five things you should not do in practice or a game?  Do you agree with all of the five “don’t do” rules.
  2. The second “don’t do” rule is don’t show up late for practice?  Why is this important?
  3. Why is it important to show up on time in life?  Do you show up on time for your classes?  Would you show up on time for a job?  Why?
  4. The third “don’t do” rule is to help clean up after practice.  Do you do this?  How?
  5. Do you help clean up after an event at school or at home?  Why?
  6. The fourth “don’t do” rule is to cheer on your teammates?  Do you cheer your teammates on when you are not in the game?  How?  Why is this important?
  7. Outside of sports, how do you encourage your family members and friends?  Why is this important?